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“I never knew how nice it was to wear clothes that actually fit right until I wore the clothes you picked out for me. Thank you!”
- Male, 38

“My first experience with Arden was selecting a formal gown for an event with my husband’s company. Soon our relationship grew into exploring all aspects of my wardrobe.  I like that she quickly adapted to my style, yet also pushed me to expand my comfort zone.  In short, Arden makes shopping fun, easy and beneficial, a must for any busy mom. “
- Female, 37

“Arden does a great job understanding my style while pushing me to explore new looks.  Arden works around my busy schedule and makes the most of the time we spend together.  She has been great to work with from made to order suits and tuxedos to casual jeans and sweaters. “
- Male, 35

“I simply cannot get dressed without Arden!”
- Female, 45

“I first met Arden when I was a participant in a charity fashion show.  Arden was the stylist, and she quickly figured out the styles of clothing that would flatter me. She convinced me to wear a leather pencil skirt and a sequined cocktail dress, which were outside of my normal fashion repertoire. I felt amazing in everything she chose for me and ended up purchasing all of the items myself!  We kept in touch, and when she started her own business, I was thrilled to be one of her first clients. I have utilized her services of in-closet consultation/organization, wardrobe building, and alterations. She handles everything in my closet from season to season and slowly helps me weed out those things that are outdated or do not fit properly. She keeps meticulous notes and while she is shopping, if she comes across something that we have identified as a wardrobe need/want, she will pick it up and drop it off to me. As a busy working mom, my time is precious, and Arden helps me to look and feel my best with minimal time and effort on my part. I have recommended her to countless friends and would give her a five star rating as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. I can’t wait for next season to work with her again! ”
- Female, 52

“Arden was recommended to me by my wife, who has utilized her services and was very pleased with her work. At that time, I really needed serious help with my closet and my wardrobe (or lack thereof). I needed encouragement to get rid of most of the outdated and ill-fitting clothes in my closet, but I also needed guidance in developing my own personal sense of style. Arden was patient with me, listened to my needs and wants, and then did all of the leg work–bringing clothing items to my house when it was convenient for me (often in the evenings or on weekends). She would then return, exchange, or switch out pieces that didn’t work. She also handles all of the measurements for alterations and took care of those tedious errands for me. As a result, I now feel confident in the clothing she has helped me to choose. My closet is now better organized so that I can actually find what I want to wear.  As a male client who doesn’t have the time or patience to shop for myself, I highly recommend Arden as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. She even helps me pick out gifts for my wife, which of course, receive rave reviews. Arden is a gem!”
- Male, 52

“Arden has been assisting me with my wardrobe for ~5 years.  She has a talent and a true gift to help you look your best by getting to know you and combining that with a look that is unique and fits your lifestyle.

She has a genuine personality that immediately makes you feel comfortable.  She is friendly, positive and honest.  She wants me to look great but also wants me to feel amazing in what I’m wearing, which are all qualities that I find important in a personal shopper.

I felt overwhelmed shopping because of so many choices and trying to figure out what trendy pieces fit into my wardrobe. She knows how to keep within my comfort level of style and helps me step outside my box by selecting pieces that I may have otherwise overlooked.

And good grief…looking in my closet was a hot mess but she helped me decide what should stay and what needed to be tossed.

I absolutely love that she keeps me updated, shows me how to mix, match and accessorize.  She pulls it all together so I look my best and feel confident when I walk out my door.

Thanks so much Arden for saving me a lot of time and headaches shopping as well as staying current in fashion trends.  You have made this part of my life easier and fun again!”

- Female, 37

Arden Rucho  |  Wardrobe Stylist